Examples Of Resilience In The Book Unbroken

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What does resilience really mean to you? The literal definition to resilience is the ability to cope with problems and setbacks. In the story Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, she shows us all different kind of ways that the characters in her story used the skills that Kendra Cherry was talking about, to help them out of every situation. In this story it shows how certain situations affect people in different ways and how each person goes through seven skills. The characteristic that Louie undergoes is the skill of Strong Problem-Solving. The Strong Problem-solving skill is when a crisis emerges, people are able to spot the solution that will lead to a safe out-come. However, if you are not a non-resilient person you sometimes develop tunnel vision, which basically mean that you fail to notice important details or take advantages of oppurtunities. In this excerpt from the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, Laura showcases how these three men get stranded on an island and they must find how to get back home. The first obstacles that they face was first when they did not have any food. The men were running on fumes for both food and water, and they felt like there was nothing for them to do. This was until Louie noticed a bird flying, got an idea, and slowly inched his hand closer and closer to the bird. All in one go, Louie closed his hand, and while the bird is pecking he closed his hand and then snapped the bird 's neck. In order to get the meat from the bird, Louie

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