Themes Of Resilience

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Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity or hardship, Debra Oswald was able to express this through the lives of fictitious characters based on real Australian People. She uses themes concerning people marginalised in society, the struggle to achieve one’s dream and the past affect the present, by using these ideas with the diverse cast of characters as well as the range of literary and dramatic techniques, Oswald was able to show how people face adversity and how important it is to have resilience through the engagement of the characters and there development throughout the play. Gary is an average Australian working class man who has been marginalised in society, he lives near the poverty line and struggles everyday to control …show more content…

Despite the desire of happiness she is able to keep on going, moving forward with her life and never look back, showing her resiliency to giving up like when she was building the house. At first she was struggling, she was building from reading a book, she almost gave in, but then she showed the audience her resilience and finish the house mostly, Christine bursts out of the house dancing around with exaggerated joy and triumph is the description of her joy when she finish apart of the house. Oswald wanted to show resilience in a female perspective and Christine did that job. Throughout the play Oswald use Gary’s House as a symbol of life, it is symbolic in many ways and it is a foundation of the play. At the beginning of the play the house was just a slab but as the play progress it started looking more and more like a house, by the middle of act 2 the house was damaged as Christine took out her emotions on it, but in the end the house was completed. This kind of parallels the idea of resilience, the house faced a complication and that is being beaten by Christine She gives the frame a huge thump with the hammer but also back and forth discussions of being built, sold or destroy, despite of these issues somehow the house was completed by the end, this is sort of the meaning of resilience, being able to rise back up form adversity and that is what Oswald’s intentions were to entertain the audience, give a glimpse of the struggles of people and the importance of resilience through the ideas of her characters and the house as a symbol of life and

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