Symbolism Of Happiness In Station Eleven

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Station Eleven and I: What is Happiness? Happiness is being around your self-chosen family with a career in a profession that simultaneously gives you purpose and help improve our society. It is the feeling of comfort and being considerate of others. The novel Station Eleven has many different definitions of happiness as defined by various characters within the book. The character, Jeevan Chaudhary and I define happiness in exceedingly similar ways because we prioritize similar things in our lives. Jeevan finds happiness with his family. Family can be the most important people in one’s life. After Jeevan’s time in Allan Gardens, he decides that “he wanted very much to tell Frank about the evening…” (16). His first instinct after having such a whirlwind of a night is to go to his brother and tell him about it; not to go home to his girlfriend, but to see his brother, his family. After the collapse, Jeevan spends the first few months with his brother in the sky rise apartment and finds that he “ha[s] never felt so close to his brother” (179). Throughout the first two months after the collapse, Jeevan is extremely optimistic; this combined with spending so much time with his brother shows how much happiness he finds from family. Additionally, twenty years after the collapse, Jeevan has settled down, found …show more content…

After Arthur’s death, Jeevan has a moment in the Park where he “...found himself blindsided by an unexpected joy” (11). Even though Arthur died, Jeevan found such happiness in just being able to help someone in need. Twenty years after the collapse, Jeevan has settled down and is his town’s doctor. He, in the twenty years since his epiphany in the park, has discovered that he “...likes being the man to whom people turned to in bad moments, it meant a great deal to him to be able to help…” (270). Jeevan loves to be able to help people by being the closest thing to a doctor he can be after the

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