Night Hoops Book Report

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I read the book Night Hoops, by: Carl Deuker. This book is about a boy named Nick that is dealing with some problems that are more than just basketball. He meets a boy names Trent Dawson who he was not too fond of at first, Trent is going through a lot more than Nick is in his home life, so Nick takes Trent under his wing to help keep him out of trouble. But at first Trent seems to resist and says he doesn’t need help. He ends up running out every night with his brother to get into some trouble. Eventually Nick stops trying and leaves the decision up to Trent and that’s when he starts to listen and realize. Throughout the book Nick goes through a lot of challenges. There was a good amount I enjoyed, a few I disliked, but I liked it so much because of the …show more content…

Another thing I really liked was the way they made the family characters of mom, dad, and Scott. But my favorite thing was the way that they developed Nick’s basketball skill throughout the story. There is a part in the story where somebody is shot by Zack (Trent’s brother) and Trent has to decide if he’s gonna go into running with him or stay for the big championship game with Nick. So I really enjoyed that part because it combined how much I like basketball and the excitement of whether or not Trent would stay or go. In the book it has dad only caring about Nick as much when he was a good basketball player, so I thought it was cool how they sort of betrayed him as a bad guy. I also thought it was neat how Nick and his brother had gotten farther apart because he was always hanging around with his girl friend. So when Trent told Nick about his story of his brother helping him at breakfast I think it made Nick want some Trent had rather than vice versa, so I liked how it put a little wanting from Nick in there. Then at the start of the story it talks about how good Nick and Luke looked in practice and how

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