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Overview of the book:
In They Call Me Coach, legendary basketball coach John Wooden talks about his most memorable moments throughout his career, and the countless life lessons that he taught to his players. Wooden discusses how his father had a tremendous impact on him as both a coach and a man. After graduating from elementary school, Wooden’s father, Joshua Hugh Wooden, gave him a note that he would keep in his wallet until the day he died. The note included seven ways to live a happy and productive life, and Wooden spent his entire life trying to follow these rules to the best of his ability. While growing up, his father emphasized the importance of having a good work ethic in whatever it may be. This idea of having a good work ethic carried …show more content…

There are multiple different occasions in the book where he talks about his relationship with his players as a father-son relationship. He felt that this kind of love for each other was a crucial part of his success during his tenure has a coach. Obviously, this mindset worked out very well for Wooden as he went on to win a total of ten national championships as a college coach. Early on in his career, Wooden had mixed feelings on whether he wanted to try and play after college at the professional level, or coach at the collegiate level. He decided to become a coach because he saw an opportunity to have an impact on people’s lives. Starting out as a high school coach and teacher, Wooden flourished. He held multiple jobs at the high schools where he coached and loved every minute of it. Although having coached for a few other teams, Coach Wooden spent most of his career as the basketball coach for UCLA. This is where John Wooden, the legendary coach, would come alive. They Call Me Coach was filled with inspirational messages and important life lessons that allowed the reader to feel somewhat of a close connection to John Wooden. His legacy will live on forever and provide an example of perfection for …show more content…

In chapter twelve, Coach Wooden discusses how his Pyramid of Success can be used to achieve greatness in all aspects of life. It can be used as an example of how to succeed for anybody, not just athletes. Wooden’s Pyramid of Success includes fifteen traits that are required to reach one’s maximum potential. From bottom to top, these traits include: industriousness, friendship, loyalty, cooperation, enthusiasm, self-control, alertness, initiative, intentness, condition, skill, team-spirit, poise, confidence, and competitive greatness. This world renown Pyramid of Success has been used as a pillar of excellence for decades. I was familiar with Coach Wooden’s pyramid even before I read this book because high school locker room had one on the door. It was a daily reminder for us players that in order to reach our maximum potential as a team, these 15 traits would be necessary. Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success has been an example of how to succeed for people across the world and will continue to be used by teams and individuals who aspire to reach their

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