Narrative Essay On Coach Minnich

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Ever since I arrived at the high school, there has been one man that was my teacher, coach and friend when I needed one. This is coming from a person you really wouldn’t expect to be be this person in your life. Coach Minnich, Mr. Minnich, Ryan Minnich, (only off school grounds). The high school life has been a struggle, but he has made it a little easier. I met Coach Minnich the first day of football practice freshman year. He was a cool coach would play around with you and try to find out things about you. First, he was mad at me because I was playing Quarterback and couldn’t play defense. He knew that I wanted to play defense, but Coach am wouldn’t let me. So one day I talked to Coach Minnich, and he said, “You are a good athlete, but can’t show it if you play quarterback.” I said, “ I know that, and I want to be on the field”. So I finally moved to wide receiver,WR, and could finally play safety. Coach Minnich would come to me in practice and just say,” Couldn’t do this playing quarterback”. He is the reason why I became the player I am today. He gave me a shot at something new. Mr. Minnich, I met him the first day of school in 5th period, Freshman English. He was kinda different from Coach Minnich. His attitude was the same, but his tone was different. He was more like Morrie when it came to school. But the …show more content…

He is good friends with my family. I never really called him Ryan Minnich, but I feel that we are close enough to be on a first name basis. I know now that I could call him and talk to him anytime about anything. Anything he needs me to do I would do because he cares about me and has done for me. He really made me change the way I did think about school and life. He is the perfect example of a high school teacher that goes the extra mile for a student. He is part of the reason why I am the way I am. He helped create Aaron Berry, the student/athlete leader of Euclid high

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