Personal Narrative: Pop Warner Football

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When I was 7 years old I went to my first high school game with my mom, the teams that played were Roosevelt and Flower. I will never forget that day Sept 8th at 8PM friday night lights. My older cousin Brett Pierce was the starting Cornerback for flowers, I admired him because he the starting Corner and he was ranked #23 in the Nation for his position. My cousin ended the game with 18 tackles, 4 interceptions, and 3 forced fumbles that was one of the greatest days of my life. After the game was over I asked my mom could she sign me up to play football, she told me I wasn’t big enough. My mother is very over protective of me since I am her only son. When I turned 8 my mom let me play flag football but that’s not what I wanted at heart, I then …show more content…

When I played for the Upper Marlboro Mustangs I started off playing 85AAA, my coach’s name was Coach Chris. My first position I ever started off playing in Pop Warner football was offensive line I don’t know why he started me there but I dreaded playing on the line it was not my position at all. Every day at practice we had to run 1500 yards, every single time we lined up I would always finish before everybody else which made me stand out from the rest of all the other players. One practice coach Chris put me and the running back position, the first play I ever ran at running back was a 28 toss which basically means toss to the right. I will never forget that moment, when I caught the ball I took off, I juked to the left causing my other teammate to fall then I hit a spin move and cause another teammate to miss, I then ran for the touchdown. Ever since that moment the coach started me at running back every single practice and game. For it to be my first year playing contact football I excelled tremendously in our league gaining recognition from coaches that taught higher weight classes and also coaches from different …show more content…

I met the best football coach I will probably ever have, his name was coach Antwan. I can honestly say he was more than a football coach, he was like a mentor always there for me helping make life and football decisions. That was my best and the funniest season I had, there will never be another coach like him I wish I could play one more season under him. My 2nd season taught me so much more than what I knew, it taught me the meaning of good sportsmanship, being there for your teammates, understanding the game more, and the best part in all knowing what it means to be a family. With coach Antwan I started getting looks from different high schools and private schools wanting me to come play for them, it was such a blessing being able to go through that experience playing Pop Warner football many kids don’t get the opportunity to even suit up to play football I am grateful I got the chance

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