My Love: Football Is A Way Of Life

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For me football is a way of life not just a sport. It’s a gateway to peace and unity. Growing up as a kid in St. Catherine Jamaica I was considered privileged to some. Why? Most would say it’s because I was born in the suburbs I went to private school but they didn’t know deep down we all have struggles within ourselves. Other kids that weren’t as fortunate as me saw me as cocky. Only time they respected me was when they saw what I can do with a ball at my feet. At the age of three I picked up my first soccer ball that’s when I found out what love was. At the age of five I saw a team in England play their name was Manchester united the manager was the great Sir Alex Ferguson I then came to the realization that they played the exact type of football I loved fast and physical with a great passing game. …show more content…

The hard part was to find one that would give me a tryout. I ended up making a team called the Spanish town football club they weren’t the best but they taught me a lot about the game I spent a year there. My next task was to get on my prep school team who were ranked #7 in the whole nation at the time. I remember the night before open tryouts because all I was thinking about was me not making it. I was an only child but I had a cousin who was a year older me he taught a lot. He knew when I was nervous. He was the real definition of a “brother from another mother”. The night before tryouts he said to me “bro just play your game and be aggressive”. I took his words I remember the day I tried out for Vaz Preparatory School it was arguably the best day of my

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