Football Crew Research Paper

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After the end of a JV football season, the varsity coach always selects a few players to move them up with the varsity. Getting moved up with varsity is a huge deal. It means that the varsity coach thinks you’ll make a good impact on the team next year and sees potential in you. I always knew I wasn 't a good football player, but that didn 't matter to me because I loved the sport. I didn 't start at any positions my freshman or sophomore year. In fact I barely even got in with practice squad at practice, I was small and my body just wasn 't fit enough for me to play any position. At the end of my second JV season in tenth grade, the varsity coach came and talked to us and called out the names of who he wanted to move up. I knew my name wasn’t going to be called but I was still …show more content…

After that season I was more motivated than I have ever been. I was determined to go all out for my first varsity season. I convinced my dad to sign me up for a gym membership. At first, I wasn’t taking it that seriously, I would go around 3 times a week. But later on I got myself a partner to train with me and we pushed each other to our limits. When football season finally arrived, I found myself on the varsity team. I thought it was going to be a repeat of my past two seasons of me just being another benched player. But I actually started for more than half the season as defensive linemen. Even on games where I didn’t start, I was getting a lot of playing time. That really pushed me to be even better for my senior season. After my first season of varsity was over I felt even more motivated to get better. I started lifting weights almost every day, even if it meant I had to go to the gym at midnight and still go to school the next morning. The summer of my senior year all I did was either work or work out, I barely spent any time with my friends. But all that work paid off for me because as my senior season approached, I found myself starting on both sides of the ball and on special

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