Personal Narrative Essay: Middle Year Basketball Tryouts

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I remember it like it was yesterday freshman year basketball tryouts I was really excited as soon as that final bell rang I ran straight to the gym to get ready tryouts were the whole week but I felt like I needed to get off to a good start. I got in the gym put my shoes on stretched and started to get warmed up. The coach walked in the gym I got really nervous he didn 't know me I didn 't know him so I went up shook his hand and told him my name and the grade I was in. Tryouts finally started we started doing drills I was trying so hard not to mess up but I ended up messing up a couple times but I said hey no one 's perfect. The first day of tryouts was almost over the coaches got all of us together and put us in to scrimmage teams. At first I was really nervous I didn 't want to mess up but we started to play and a started to do what I did best which is play my game after we played a was pretty convenient in my performance but we still had the whole …show more content…

Tuesday and wednesday went by and thursday and friday were just scrimmage days. After school thursday we stretched and got warmed up then got straight to business we picked teams and started playing I didn 't think the teams were that fair but I didn 't really care I just had to play my game I started down with the freshman and sophomore like every other freshman but i wasn 't regular like them after a few games past the coaches seen that a had some talent and that I should be moved up with the jv and the varsity players so the coach plaste me in the other gym with the more advanced players and put me on a team as soon as i started playing with the older guys I noticed an immediate change in paste I started breathing harder my heart rate shot up and they were just way bigger than me but I had to make it work somehow I knew I wasn 't the best one out there but I hustled a lot and gave it my all and hoped that 's what coach was looking for. At the end of practice I was exhausted from all of the running up and down

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