Personal Narrative: We Play Big Boy Football Around Here.

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I was a freshmen now. A ref once said “We play big boy football around here.” Rochester has won 5 straight state titles and working on getting another one. Lifting in the weight room after school last winter was one of the biggest benefits of my life. The big man was there, the king of the jungle, the head honcho. Now I knew almost all of the coaches except the freshmen. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew we were going to come out and work hard every practice. All I wanted to do was impress the coaches. I had an advantage over all my teammates, I kinda knew what they expected. The whole team was outside. The short,tall,blonde haired,brown haired, and black haired. It doesn’t matter we are all brothers,friends.We had all been waiting …show more content…

The beginning of a new season, and more history. Here he came, walking through the blazing green grass. He had a Rochester Rockets hat on, Black and white Nike air maxes, and grey tee shirt. Here came another one, it was like there were an endless team of vikings. But this time this one was about 6-4, and a little heavier. It had finally began, the start of a new season, of a new dynasty. “Bring it in,” coach Smith said. “Take a knee,” he added.He began with introducing himself, and all of the other coaches. Coach Smith started talking, and he was talking about how the freshmen team last year went undefeated. I knew we could do it to but everybody had to show up to play. He said that he had talked to our coach last year. Coach Gade said that “we are a good team.” I thought we could have been a lot better. Then he said it. The words that changed my life. He started by saying “I’m not your mom, you need to take full responsibility.” Then the emotions started coming out of everybody. He continued by saying that, everybody on the team was his son. “I have a lot of daughters. Through all of the years I have coached many sports.” But he didn’t have an actual son. At Least anymore. He told us that a couple of years ago his son died, and that god has blessed him with more

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