Narrative Essay On Tigers Game

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The booming sound of the buzzer finally called for the 12 athletes to line up on either side of the net. As soon as Casey stepped on the court, she felt a sickening feeling in her stomach and mind. What if they did not win, she thought. Casey rapidly let the idea leave her mind as she turned to her team and attempted to break the mood that hovered over the team like a thunderstorm with massive, treacherous clouds. Casey glanced at Dillon, the other captain of the Buford Tigers, and offered a reassuring smile. After the piercing whistle blew and the Tigers shook hands with their opposing team, the Lawrenceville Patriots, Dillon and Casey called their four other teammates into a huddle. “Nothing drops,” Dillon said as everyone puts their arms around the others black and red jerseys which proudly held their school’s name on the backs. Taytum sharply looked at the Patriots for a few seconds before deciding that it was going to be a lengthy, tough game that the Patriots were not going to give up…show more content…
The Patriots would get a few points before the Tigers would retaliate. After a long, tedious 3 sets, the Tigers were ahead 2-1. The fourth had just begun when the other team noticed a flaw in the Tiger’s positioning, and sent the ball speeding toward an open part of the court. Haley, the defensive specialist, saw the position of the opposing hitter’s arm and started running to the far right side of the court, knowing that the ball would land on the line and they would lose the first point if she did not move rapidly. She dove at the last second to reach where the ball would land, sacrificing her body to get the point, the ball then hit her hand and went spinning, back up to the center of the court, leaving a stinging sensation on Haley’s hand. Dillon raced to the center of the court, determined to not let the ball Haley saved, to drop. Dillion sent the ball back over the net, ensuring that the Tiger’s had enough time to
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