Bakersfield California Case Study

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Bakersfield California. Home to the most talented high school pitcher in almost a decade. James Fuller is the nation 's top prospect and likely to be the number one overall pick in the draft. He is on one of the top teams in the state and in his first game he is pitching a gem. 6 ⅔ of innings in, he gets the sign, sets up, fires the pitch, strike three. But immediately after he fired the pitch his shoulder and mid arm flares with pain, and he knows it’s bad. He still has pain the day after, currently visiting the doctor 's office for an m.r.i., he has strained his brachillas and has also hurt some muscles in his shoulder. He’s out for at least 3 months, that means he could be able to return for the state tournament, if his team makes it. He accepted the challenge, and trying to face the adversity to come with it, because baseball meant the world to him, even though he was a very good student with a 4.0 g.p.a. It’s a week later, on a Friday night when it was raining cats and dogs, James’ best friend since kindergarten Wesley Frazier (who also plays with James on the baseball …show more content…

They had won. James did it, he had done what he’d promised, to win it for Wesley, not for himself, not for his team, but for Wesley. He was crying tears of triumph, James had gone through so much, outlasting an injury, having his best friend die, no one would step in the way of James, no one. James didn’t party after the game, he didn’t do anything except go to the cemetery, where his friend was buried. He set the number 17 jersey on the gravestone, and wrote on the back right under the number 17 “We did it Wesley, we won the state title again, I wish you could’ve been here to share the moment with us. I’m going to Cal to pursue your mission and be great. Because I know how bad you wanted to be the best and I will promise you this, the rest of my life is dedicated to you, and I’m gonna live it the way you did, having fun and kicking butt. For now Wesley. This is James Robert Fuller singing

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