Carnation Bowl Paragraph

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The Carnation Bowl The North Metro Jaguars have made it to the carnation bowl. The Carnation Bowl is the super bowl of JMFA. The Jaguars division III team will be playing The Wheatridge Farmers. We played wheatridge 4 weeks ago they beat us 50-6 but were ready for them we want to move up to division II.
The game is 20 minutes away from starting and we are going over our defensive plays since last time we played them we only got 6 tackles the whole 2 hour game. Its game time and Wheatridge chose to receive Number 7 is in the back field ready to receive our Kicker launches it all the way down field to number 7. Dylan Merry was there as soon as he caught it and Dylan hit him so hard he fumbled it into the endzone the for Aidan Buzz to Get it. …show more content…

We received the kick with me in the back field I caught the ball as a fair catch because I didn't have anyone to block. Brady wise was or Quarterback The first play was a 7 yard post to Nate Rob it was tipped and picked off by their safety. Luckily Jerome Sedillio was there to make the tackle. Brady and Nate are at the corner position with Jerome at safety. The offense is lined up at there 10. The run a sweep to the left side our defensive end gets hooked and so does nate our corner Nate it's all up to Jerome but he dove for the tackle and wheat ridge scores the score is 7-7 with ten minutes in the first quarter.Jake News gets the kick return on an onside attempt but he fumbled it its Wheatridges ball. The pass to Nates side and he fell in a hole and dislocated his foot.So i o in at corner and got a pick.Im in at Nates spot at wide reciver its a pass to Dylan and its caught for a gain of 30. There 7 seconds left in the half and it's a 50 yard pass to me for a touchdown. The score is 14- 7 at halftime Jaguars

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