Personal Narrative Essay: The First Time On A Football Field

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The first time on a football field and i was very hyped about it cause i got to play and the coach put me as starter because i was the biggest one on the field. The very first play we got sacked but are left lineman didn't stop the ball they got pushed over and we got sacked. The ball was on the 25 yard line and we were trying to get to the fifteen yard line to get the first down and we were short 10 yards but we could still get cause if we work hard you play hard. Then we said hike the ball was handed of to the running we tried to stop them but they still got the touchdown. They tried to make us go to right side on a counter play but we read there play and we stopped them from getting the first.

The game was tight until they got down on the 20 yard line and they got stopped by us. Right when they got down it started raining and we had to play in that but the ball was slippery for the quarterback and he keep on stumbling with the ball and he kept on fumbling but we tried to still get the ball back and they still got it back. They threw the ball right over us and there wide receiver caught the ball Still and we tried to play defense and we got beat every time. The way we got beat on the long passes was because they had …show more content…

Right after we won the game we got to go to the senior football game right after our game they lost but they tried there hardest to win cause they were working hard and they got a lot of

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