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The True Diary of Luke Skewis By; Luke Skewis Hi I’m Luke Skewis. I’m a 5’7, Sophomore at Negaunee High School. The stories you are about to read and very important lessons I learned from my friends, family, and coaches. I hope you enjoy The True Diary of Luke Skewis. 2nd Grade It was Super Bowl Sunday and I invited all of my friends over for a “Super Bowl Party.” It was the first one that I had as a kid. We were all pretty wild. The kids that were there were Jacob Ennett, Travis Nelson, Evan Hassell, Luke Mattson, Mason Hemmila, Payton Marcotte, Preston Koski, and Davis Bagley. My parents had got us Little Caesar 's and pop so, after we are done eating we went outside to play football. Nine little kids fighting over a football wasn’t a pretty sight. My dad came outside and we had a football game it was very intense as I remember. The worst part for me as was when Luke Mattson fell on me. Let me tell you Luke was always a lot bigger than me …show more content…

We finished the season with one loss and we went into the tournament with our first game against Republic and we won pretty easy. We played against Bothwell in the final in Marquette. I was really nervous as I can remember and it was really hot in the gym. The game started and we were up by 4 at halftime. The second half started and it was close all the way to the end. We were down by 2 with 20 seconds to go and Mattson got fouled. He went to the line and made 1 of 2 free throws. Marquette had the ball and they missed their shot. We got the ball and we drove down the floor I got the ball and threw it to Jacob who threw it to Jake and he shot a three point and it was a little bit deep. I was really shook up and I think everyone on the team was. Even Coach Weaver was sad for us. The lesson I took from this is that people other than family really do care for you and your friends. I think are basketball team got a lot closer after that

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