Personal Narrative: Curveball By Dane Kutnick

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Dane Kutnick is in right field , Tanner Smith at first, and Jason VanDenLangenberg is catching. We have played 3 tournaments together, but we already looked like we have been playing together for a long time. We may not have known it yet, but they were going to turn one of the best plays of the year. We are going into the bottom of the 6th inning. The first pitch crack of the ball off the bat a triple. The next 3 kids hit doubles. The first Batter was up to the plate. He had hit the ball right to our third basemen,but he fielded it too quick and bobbled it.The batter had made it to first base. It was something we could not have. The next pitch kid tried to steal second on me ,but I threw him out. I don’t know why the coach would send him. …show more content…

I called for the curveball and he had fouled that one off too. I was running out of options. I needed to find one and fast. I had to go the last resort… the change up. I had him throw a couple more fastballs just so that the batter would think that’s our last route. Then I called the change up. The batter had been so far in front of it it was really funny. The tying run was up to bat. The first pitch he had hit the ball far into right field. Dane Kutnik had turned on the jets, but he couldn’t even catch up to the ball. The ball had rolled all the way to the fence. May I remind you that we played on a 300 foot fence. I still cannot believe that he had thrown the ball all the way to the cut without the ball bouncing once. Tanner had been lined up perfect with me and the second he felt the ball in his glove he had rifled it to me. I had turned 180 degrees and reached in the general area that I thought he would …show more content…

It had seemed to take forever for him to make the call. He had finally said “You’re out!” The Panther parents went crazy they were cheering and whistling. My team had rushed from everywhere to home plate. They were complimenting Dane,Tanner, and I on the sweet play. The third base coach was furious he was in the umpire’s face saying that he just wanted the game to end so he call the kid out. The play itself wasn’t the really cool part, it was that our team had pulled together and beat the team that had knocked us out of the tournament before in extra innings on a lucky hit. None of us knew it yet, but this was going to be a great year. We were almost like

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