Personal Narrative: My First Grid Kid Football

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I started grid kid football when I was in 7th grade and I am still playing until this very day. I used to play lots of running back and wide receiver and some corner. My coaches really liked me and it was my first year and I already took people that been playing longer than me postions. Then one game we played firth it was a good game.the score was 12-14 they were up. I was on the sidelines waiting for coach to put me in as wide receiver. Then all of a sudden my coach said “Roger,Go in as Running back hurry!!!” I was terrified. I looked up when I was in my spot lining up I see the defense boy were they scary I hear the crowds roaring.I was shaking.Then all of a sudden i hear “HIKE!!!” I ran as fast as I can to the outside I had blockers iI make a guy miss then all of a sudden I got hit in the back and I got pushed for the first down. The next play we scored and won the game. …show more content…

I got used to everyone and I am 2nd string corner and wide

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