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Who is Angel Perez II? I am Angel Perez and this is my first year at California State University San Bernardino. But how did I get here? It has been a long journey throughout the years. I have had to face some tough adversity in my path. I finally made it though, despite all the setbacks, loses, and failures. I am a very unique one of a kind person you will never find someone else like me. When I was going up I didn’t grow up in the nicest neighborhood. I had to stay at my house at all times. As a kid you would want to go out play ball with the neighborhood kids and get dirty. But none of that was there when I grew up. The only people I got to play with when I was little was my two cousins and my older brother. We would always …show more content…

But I thought I was going to Cajon high school. But rather my father arranged me to go to a different school called Aquinas. I hadn’t even considered going to a school like Aquinas. Adjusting from public school life to going to classrooms where there are only twenty people to a classroom and the sports teams are run like military camps. It was my first summer going into high school when I started to receive e-mails from the football, basketball, and baseball coaches to report to varsity practice in a week. I was shocked to say the …show more content…

But to them all of it didn’t matter to them as long as the starting player’s won the game that week things wouldn’t be that bad. But when we would lose all hell would break lose. Hitting drills all practice whistle after whistle, being blown right in your ear. I felt like quitting and just sticking to my school studies. But quitting wasn’t an option. At such a small school and such a high prestige’s football program, if you were to quit, they would make it seem like you committed treason to not only the team, but to the whole school for not doing your part to help the team

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