Isabella Perez Research Paper

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A three months pregnant teenager was declared dead after her mysterious collapse at her home in Honduras. Her family members called a priest believing she was possessed by an evil spirit when they saw the teenager fell unconscious and foaming at her mouth. Relatives of Neysi Perez, 16, said that the teenager woke up in the night to use the toilet when they saw her passed out after hearing a gunfire outside. They recall that the priest who came tried to exorcise Perez but became unresponsive. They rushed the teenager to the nearest hospital but was pronounced dead by the doctors three hours later. According to Mirror, Perez was buried wearing her gown that she wore recently for her wedding. Her husband Rudy Gonzales raised an alarm when she…show more content…
She was then rushed to the nearest hospital in San Pedro Sula while she was still inside the coffin. Dr. Claudia Lopez who attended Perez told local reporters, “The whole family rushed in, almost breaking the door down, carrying the girl in her casket. Furthermore, Dr. Lopez tried everything she could to revive the teenager but she was dead. “They put her back in the coffin and took her away again, back to the cemetery,” she added. The doctor believed that Perez experienced a severe panic attack that possibly stopped her heart activity when she collapsed the night she was suspected of being possessed by an evil spirit. In addition, according to Daily Mail, another suspicion is that Perez had a cataplexy attack, a temporary loss of voluntary muscle function which was triggered by strong emotions such as stress or fear. Meanwhile, Perez had possibly experienced lack of oxygen after she woke up inside the coffin which resulted to her death. Mrs. Gutierrez, Perez’s mother, blames the doctor who declared her daughter dead too quickly that made them bury her daughter alive. “I thought I was going to get my daughter back," Mrs. Gutierrez told the local
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