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Selena Quintanilla was a very successful “Tex-Mex” singer, who, from the beginning of her life to the end of it, had an extraordinary life. After one time of singing to her father, a band was created and she was put into the singing world. Since that day, many journeys occurred. She has performed in many places like Mexico and Texas. She even got married and won a Grammy. Though, after a tragic murder ending her life, Selena will always be remembered as the first successful female Tejano singer. It all started when Selena sang the song “Blue Moon” in front of her father. Abraham, her father, instantly knew that she had talent. Taking ahold of this opportunity, he created a band consisting of Selena, Suzette (his other daughter), and A.B. (his son). Selena y los Dinos started by playing in a restaurant that their father opened up. And soonafter, they played in Texas. Though they started off with great performances, Selena wasn 't accepted as Tejano singer because she was a woman. Despite this, Selena y los Dinos didn 't give up and continued with music. Due to the great determination Selena and the rest of her family had, they finally became successful. Despite some doubts, Selena performed in Monterrey, Mexico. …show more content…

Throughout her life, Selena was loved by many people. One being her husband, Chris Pérez. She met her husband when he tried out for the electric guitar position for her band. Falling in love, she married Chris against her family 's wishes. Not only was she loved by her husband, but also by her best friend, Yolanda; or so she thought. Apparently Yolanda was stealing money from Selena’s fan club and was trying to hide it. Selena’s father, Abraham, informs Selena about this and they confront Yolanda together. Obviously Yolanda wouldn 't admit to it right away. In a panic, knowing that she was found, Yolanda met with Selena and ended up shooting her in the back. The accident became fatal and Selena passed away. The tragedy of her death has been felt by many

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