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They say it’s very difficult to succeed as a Latino girl in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Anyway, actress Gina Rodriguez, the star of The CW’s comedy-drama “Jane The Virgin” is absolutely doing it. Last year, she won the Golden Globe award for her mesmerizing portrayal of a young woman named Jane Villanueva. This 32-year-old actress inspires with her motivation and self-confidence. She is beautiful inside as she is outside, and she poses as a role model for healthy living for many of us. We have a true admiration for her persona mostly because of her fighter spirit. Literally. Coming from a boxing background, she grew up loving boxing and lately she really got into it. "Boxing help me find my inner strength" - said Rodriguez. And inner strength she needed. Life itself threw some punches at her. When Gina was 19, she was diagnosed with a …show more content…

She is constantly training and running. She is now preparing to do a half-marathon in October in the city of San Francisco for charity purposes. Gina Rodriguez is our inspiration and has been that way for a long time, but after her cover story in Women 's Health, our love and admiration for her beautiful personality is even stronger now than before. Gina 's approach on health is very realistic — the actress is a huge advocate of loving yourself the way you are and no one can tell you differently. However, she takes care of herself and her body through eating only healthy food. She practice diet and healthy eating in order to feel great inside and out. Diet, for her, is not to be extra slim, but to feel great. She always eat healthy on set and she also loves to eat Puerto Rican foods. Regardless of what happens in her life, Rodriguez stays positive, inspirational and adorable. "Today’s going to be a great day. I can and I will" - is her life

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