Diane Guerrero's Short Story

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With Donald Trump being the Republican nominee for the presidential election I believe Diane Guerrero’s story can be connected to many aspects of today’s society.The racist comments that Donald Trump has said about Mexicans and how he says he wants to build a wall to stop people coming to the U.S is what evokes this feeling of fear into undocumented families everyday. This fear is the same fear that Diane went through everyday not knowing whether her family was going to be safe from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). I wanted to know a bit more about Diane Guerrero’s life and how life was for her when her parents were deported to Columbia and I found an article named Op-Ed ‘ Orange is the New Black’ actress: My parents were deported , which mentions how Diane was basically by herself when her parents were deported. …show more content…

The fact that she worked several jobs when she was in high school shows how she had a vision to become the successful person that she is and for this reason I have admired her since the first time I heard about her in

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