Maria Concepcion Short Story

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Maria Concepcion”, a short story by Katherine Anne Porter, revolves around the seemingly simple life of Maria Concepcion. At the beginning of the short story, Maria is married to a man who goes by the name of Juan and has a child on the way. She has a stable business by selling different animals, and life seemed to be on the right track. That is until Juan leaves Maria for two years with a fifteen-year-old beekeeper named Maria Rosa. Concepcion carries on with her life after tragedy hits her time and time again. Once Juan returns with Maria Rosa, Concepcion has yet another hurdle to overcome known as Maria Rosa. Throughout the short story, Maria Concepcion has an internal struggle due to her husband’s affair, which ends with Maria committing an immoral act and justifying it with the preservation of her family. Maria, because of the fact she in deeply religious, has a strong wish for unity in her family. She wants to …show more content…

The result of Juan leaving was major, but it was not what was to be expected. Usually a person falls apart when their spouse leaves them, but Maria becomes extremely cold. When her child dies from complications of birth, Maria,”becomes stolid, refusing even to cry when her child is born and dies”(DeMouy). She still battles on and continues her daily life. When the women and girls offer their sympathies and prayers to Maria, she simplys replies, “Keep your prayers to yourself, Lupe, or offer them for others who need them. I will ask God for what I want in this world” (Porter). The absence of her husband is not destroying her, but rather is pushing her to become even more strong in her life. While Maria was able to stand on her two feet before Juan’s departure, she is even more independent now that he is gone. Her line of work is booming, but her craving for a family is not satisfied. All Maria wants in her life is a family, and nothing was going to stop Maria from getting her

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