Cristina Saralegui Biography

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Cristina Saralegui is a journalist and the host of a television show called, El Show de Cristina. She is often compared to Oprah Winfrey. She shaped Florida in many ways, such as motivating Hispanics, helping Hispanics be heard, and bringing diverse groups together. Cristina Saralegui was born January 29, 1948, in Havana, Cuba. Although she was born in Cuba, she immigrated to the US at the age of 12 and her family settled in Miami, Florida. She attended at the University of Miami but sadly couldn’t finish all four years because she didn’t have the financial support for higher education. She is best known for being a Cuban-born journalist, actress, television host, and also for motivating many Hispanic women. The article, “40 Latinas Who Have Changed the World!,” states, “...Cristina inspired and motivated for decades with her self-titled hit Univision show.” She is a role model for many Hispanic women in Florida. According to “Time Magazine,” she is one of the top 25 influential Hispanics in the US. She helps to motivate Hispanics into making healthier life choices and to have a self-empowered lifestyle. Hispanics are inspired and …show more content…

She has given people more of a chance to be heard. The article, “Cristina 's Biography,” states, “In the process, ‘The Cristina Show’ became a platform, a voice for millions of Hispanics who may not have otherwise been heard, earning 12 Emmys and making Cristina a household name.” She makes Hispanics feel safe when talking about topics, such as sexual education for teens, AIDS awareness and education, as well as human rights issues facing the Hispanic community throughout the world. Due to Cristina talking about these types of topics it has further educated the Hispanic community. She helps to discuss topics that aren’t normally recognized. She makes Hispanics feel safe to express what they believe. Cristina Saralegui has created a safe environment for

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