Informative Essay On Welena Perez

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“ Help me help me please I 've been shot” - Selena Perez. Those were her last words before she died 3 minutes later. When the cops and ambulance finally got there she was laying in her trucks seat dead. They were sad and little mad and had to find her killer. Her killer ended up being her fan club president, Yolanda Saldívar. But when they found her she was crying from what he had done. She told them what she had done and why she did it. History of Selena Perez Selena Perez was born April 16, 1971, in Texas. She started singing when she was 7 and got noticed at 10. When she was 20 she made a band and got married to her lead guitarist Chris Pérez. She never had kids and lived to March 31, 1995. When she was killed by the club president

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