Personal Narrative: Mission Vista Men's Varsity Soccer Team

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“Congratulations, this is the 2013-2014 Mission Vista Men’s Varsity Soccer team.” I still remember the words coming out of my high school coach’s mouth as he spoke to the new varsity team after tryouts. I was the shortest and one of the youngest players on the team, but my passion for the game was not any less than anyone on the team. I was one of the only three sophomores on the team with a team dominated by juniors and seniors. A sense of jubilation ran across my body while having a stomach full of butterflies was with me as we did our team cheer for the first time before our first game. The coach gave the starting line-up, I was not in the starting eleven. I expected this because I was in fact one of the new players. The referee blew the …show more content…

I was certain I was bound to play a great amount because I was sure the coach was not insane by playing the same players all three games. It was Tuesday night and the coach gave the starting line up before the referee blew the whistle. Yet again, my name was not mentioned, I was going to be sitting on the bench with my sweater on. The referee blew the final whistle. I was going to all the practices, giving it my all and once again I did not play in the game. I was dishearten and I began to question myself. If I was not playing because I’m not experienced like the rest or If it was because I’m much shorter than everyone else. I was self doubting myself If I was even good enough to be on the team.I was not going to quit and the next game came faster than I expected. Thursday night and for the third time in a row I was not mentioned in the starting line up. I was completely dishearten at this point. 65 minutes in the game, my coach told me to warm up. I was thrilled and nervous, but ready to play. At minute 70, ten minutes before the game to end the ball went out of bounds, the referee stopped the game as my coach signaled for a substitution, and I entered the pitch. I played my first ten minutes of High School varsity soccer and I made the most of them. After the match I was not sure to be happy or discouraged. I only played ten minutes out of

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