Personal Narrative Essay: Playing The Game Of Baseball

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Everyone 's at least broken a bone or injured themselves before right? Well this is one of those tragic stories where I unfortunately injured myself.

It all started way back in the 5th grade and all my friends and family know I love & play the game of baseball. The baseball season for the little league I play for is about to begin in about 1-2 weeks. I’ve been anticipating the season to start for about the last 5+ months. These past couple of months have been so boring cause I have been doing nothing but going to school. No sports for that long is awful so every time baseball comes around I 'm so ecstatic. So you know I have been counting down the days until the season. This year I was drafted to the diamondbacks, every year this league …show more content…

He was devastated to hear that I 'd be practically be missing the whole season because of a basketball camp. Sadly the season rolls around and here I am at the first game with a cast on. Sitting on the bench cheering my team on. Watching them play the game I love, it hurt me like I waited so long for the season to come around. Just for me to be sitting out all season, this is the first time ever I have had to watch the whole season from the side. The season goes on and I 'm sitting out every game. Trying to find motivation to even show up to the games anymore because at this point the season is almost over. The team isn 't doing so good and there is nothing I can do to help. I just have to sit back and watch and it kills me inside. So you better believe me I never went another basketball camp before a baseball season started.

Overall from this experience I did learn something and take something from this experience. It showed me how much love I have for the game of baseball and how much I cherish it. The pain of sitting out all those games made me realize that. I don 't need to be doing all these extra little things like basketball camps or whatever. Possibly risking injury and having to recover and miss time from the sport I 've played my

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