Personal Narrative Essay: Second Game Of The World Series

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It was the middle of June and we are playing the second game of the World Series. We got here by doing well in the state tournament so all the teams are pretty good. Before anybody plays we all have a big party at the fields there were hotdogs and burgers and drinks. They had bounce houses and contests, then after an hour or so everybody exchanged team pins. We met all the other players from the other teams and just had fun. Each team was staying at a different hotel so after the party we all went back to our hotels and went to bed to get rest for the games the next day.

We show up to the fields and set up the tents and chairs and then watched the games before us. Then we warmed up and got some ground balls. The first few innings went pretty slow nobody scored any runs. Our pitcher starts struggling and he gives up eight runs! The put me in and i get three outs pretty quick, then we found out the pitcher that started the game for us hurt his …show more content…

I do my routine before i get to the plate and stay calm. The first two pitches are strikes, i focus and foul off two more pitches. Then it feels like time stops i look around and take a deep breath and step back into the box. Everybody goes silent no coaches talking no crowd cheering, just silence. I look at the pitcher and he looks at me.

Then he throws a fastball right down the middle and i hammer it to left field. The runner from third scores and we win the game. My whole team comes out and jumps on me slapping my helmet. Everybody is cheering and i'm so happy this is the greatest day of my life. We watched the other teams play and there were some good games.

We all go back to the hotel and swim in the pool to celebrate our big win. The coaches ordered pizza and we all just had fun. Then the next day we had to check out of our hotel, after we ate breakfast. So after the long 3 days of baseball we had to head back home where we

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