Personal Narrative: Baseball Game Against The White Sox

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I had a baseball game against the White Sox. When I got down there I found out I wasn’t pitching first, so I waited till it was my turn to pitch and when it finally happened it was 5-5 in the top of the 4th and I pitched a no-hitter. Finally it was the bottom of the 5th and still 5-5 and I came up to bat against Kaden Eugenio and he threw it right down the middle so I hit it far to right-center. It hit the fence but it didn’t go over so I ran. When I got to first base I kept going and my coach said go all the way so I ran all the way around and they overthrew it and I was safe. I hit a walk off inside the park home-run we won 6-5 . At the end of the season we only lost one game to the white sox out of 6 games so we were the number one

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