Umpiring In Baseball

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Five minutes after I arrived at my brother’s Babe Ruth Baseball game, I was asked to step in and umpire because the current ump had to leave for an emergency. Having experience umpiring little league games already, I willingly accepted. Not knowing what I was getting into, I returned with my gear on and restarted the game. The first batter stepped in and walloped the first pitch he saw down the left field line. As the ball rolled out of play, the runners continued to sprint around the bases and the play continued. Realizing that the ball went under the fence, I called timeout after the play and met with my partner who agreed with my view. I moved two runners back on the bases, taking away two runs from the hitting team. The team’s fans …show more content…

One rule that has helped me is an interference call when there is a collision between the base runner and the fielder. The runner must allow the fielder to field the ball and make the play without making …show more content…

Umpires make decisive decisions and, good or bad, have to live with those decisions and the consequences from those decisions. I knew when I made the decision to call timeout and to return players back to bases that day. Another important value that I have pulled out of umpiring is that umpires also must be confident. If an umpire comes off as unsure of his call, it could be questioned and he could be looked at as a weak umpire and can lose the respect from players, coaches, and fans. Once an umpire loses respect of players, coaches, and fans, they have lost control of the game. I knew when I made the timeout decision at the end of that play that I needed to exude confidence and keep the game under control. Umpires must take control of the game, just like a person would take control of situations in their life. Some umpires have to eject people from the game, just as a person might need to get rid of people from their lives who cause problems. I’ve never had to eject a player, coach, or a fan from a game, though I have experienced taking control of my life by distancing myself from people who had negative impact or negative influences on my

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