Pros And Cons Of Automated Strike Zone

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Major League Baseball: Automated Strike Zone Should the Major League Baseball Association think about adding an automated strike zone? There have been conversations about including automatic strike zones for many years. There are good arguments to both sides but I believe there are more pros of not having them in the Major League than cons. The MLB wouldn’t be the same in the sense of how people view it and the respect the league gets. However, some minor changes in the MLB aren’t so bad. For example, adding instant replay in 2014 only made the game more accurate (Hagen).That being said, the MLB should not implement automated strike zones because adding it would take away from originality of the game, take umpires out of business, and would …show more content…

The association began in 1871 and has kept the idea of umpires in the game for over 140 years. The pitcher and catcher try to manipulate the zone as much as they can to get the batter out as efficiently as they can. It’s kind of a psychological thing and good pitchers tend to be good at the mental aspect (Ymkovich). But, adding automated strike zones would take that part of the game away. Instead, it would give the hitters an advantage because they wouldn’t have to worry about the catcher “framing” the ball. These such strike zones would change the way players go about the game and therefore lack of originality this game is built …show more content…

The main point being that it would make the game fair and would not have to rely on a human being making an error. There are many blown calls every year and yes these blown calls change the result of game. Armando Galarraga had gotten 26 out of 26 batters out. Which means he was one out away from a perfect game and being the 24th person to do so. However, there was a blown call by an umpire of the name Jim Joyce, who later admitted he made the wrong call, which costed a young pitcher to make history. There are many different occasions where the umpire just plainly missed the call. Now, there is definitely still going to be flaws in the game even if they added such strike zones, however, the rate of error will definitely decrease and will create a consistent playing field for both teams which is what fans want to

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