Baseball Narrative Rough Draft Essay

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Baseball Narrative Rough Draft
I was so nervous for this morning’s competition. Today was the day that I had the chance to show to a judge what I had to offer into the heat of the KMEA Piano Kansas State Competition. The songs that I had practiced over from June to October were mere children’s play compared to others in the group who played pieces like Claire de Lune and the 12 Variations of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (no one in middle school with common sense would choose repertoire made for high schoolers). “Melody, make sure you go over the spots in your songs that you need to work on”, Mom said, shattering my thought process.
“Okay, I’ll get to it in 10 minutes.” I look back at the mantle with the hard work and patience displayed along with the TV. I wasn’t so sure about getting first place or even second this year. Last year was an easy group to …show more content…

I came out of the hallway and walked in to the small office and met the judge for the first time. She was a female, with exquisite taste of clothing. A cream-colored blouse, with a long tan pants. I looked around the room and thought of the unwavering pulse in the room. The room itself was simple, yet cluttered. Bookshelves with books everywhere about music and the arts, a desk with papers and papers galore, and a small figurine with a mask. I thought, “Just play in the moment with no boundaries.” The first song, Chopin’s Waltz in A flat Major Op.69 No.1, had a melancholy feel, and then slowly my fingers flew on the keys with a true waltz-like beat. The second song, Debussy’s Arabesque No.1, had a different style than the waltz. It had to be meticulously thought out, yet the hands had to look graceful and flawless with every movement. Afterwards, I walked out of that room with my forehead and hands sweaty and a smile plastered on my face. I certainly didn’t think that I was going to get a trophy, since there were many other equally or higher pieces

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