Descriptive Essay On Softball

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A field shaped like a diamond followed by a meadow of grass. Sixty foot base paths that surrounds the infield in a counterclockwise direction. A batting count of three balls and two strikes. Three outs total in all seven innings of pure determined, back and forth softball between two teams. This place has been my home for years. I play softball because of the love I have for the game, and because of the feeling that takes my breath away every time I step onto the field. The softball field at Glendale Community College is now my new home for the next two years.
Hearing your name being called and lining up alongside the first base line with your teammates before the game makes you feel worthy and excited to play such an amazing sport. As we gather in a tight circle just before we rush to our positions, …show more content…

We then watch carefully the opposing team’s pitcher as she warms up. As a lead off hitter, it is my job to do anything possible to get on base. By working the count I am frisking with the pitcher to get into her head. I then get exactly what I want, a pitch that could change the outcome of the entire game. Once I take a swing at the perfect pitch you can hear the crack of the bat forcefully pushing the ball to get a base hit. At first base I then watch our coach give the sign to hit to the next batter, he then turns to give me the steal sign. As I watch the pitcher start her motion all I can think about is running my hardest to get to the next bag. As the pitch is thrown I race my way and slide into the bag and hear to umpire scream “safe”. My teammates are screeching with excitement. As I get up off the sleek dirt I can taste nothing but small rocks with bland dirt carefully compiled into my mouth. I am completely coated with dirt from head to toe. The feeling of helping your team advance in such a tight game is

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