College Admissions Essay-How Softball Helped Me

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+ How Softball Helped Me I started playing softball when I was in eighth grade in an outside league team in Arvin made, I always found baseball interesting and wanted to play, but my parents would not let me because it was a boys sport, and I would cry a river every time they said no because I really wanted to play .When I heard there were going to have softball conditioning and tryouts and a new team named Arvin which was, where I lived. I was so happy and wanted to join right away I told my parents and they agreed to let me try out it was like a dream come and the best day of my life and I told my parents I was going to try so hard to make the team. Softball means everything to me I love everything about it, it’s my stress reliever and my anger management. When I feel …show more content…

When I first joined softball I remember it being such a beautiful day it was really fresh out in the softball field, the sky was light blue with birds flying high above, and the softball field’s grass was dark green and looked great for a picnic. I felt all alone in the big diamond field, my head had second thoughts as I seen all those other girls who were also going out for softball talking to their friends as they were waiting for the coaches to get to the softball field. Since I knew no one and was the youngest one out there going out for softball, I said to myself, I should not come back tomorrow, even though deep inside I knew I wanted to join. I had that second thought mostly because I was lonely and I didn't know anyone. I didn’t give up, I went out to tryouts everyday until the teams were made. The second day of practice as an official team I arrived at practices one hour early, and so did one of my teammates. One of my teammates said, “Hey you’re on my

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