Personal Narrative On A Baseball Game

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I was in the hospital. It was June 12, 2017 at Genisys Hospital. My grandma was dead lying in the hospital bed. I was crying for hours and hours. I could not sleep thinking my grandma was dead. The very next day I had a baseball game. It was at Liberty Shores in Linden at around 6:00. I was just shocked I made it to the game and was able to play in it. But I was the first on there because I was really excited and nervous for this game. I was so nervous that I just wanted to play amazing for my grandma. And so I was there at the baseball game. I was playing catch with my twin brother Jake. When I was playing catch I just had the biggest goosebumps ever. I was just praying that we would win and I would play amazing for my grandma. This game was the most nervous I had ever been in my whole life. I was just thinking to myself what if I play bad, or make errors, or hit terrible. So then I went into the dugout and everyone just was saying sorry and they felt bad and terrible for me. I just wanted to get on that field and play the great game of baseball and show my grandma what I can …show more content…

And I was up to the plate hitting. I was really nervous for this at-bat because it was probably my last at-bat. I was up there and everyone was cheering go Joe and go #2. And no one was on base and it was my chance to shine. So I was up at the plate and the count was 1-1. And I just see the ball right down the middle and I just destroyed the baseball. And I just hear the crack of the bat. And I just see the baseball going over the center fielder's head going over the fence. As soon as I cross home plate I just started crying. Because that moment was so important to me that I just started to cry. That was the most emotional moment in my whole entire life. As soon as I saw my mom I said “I did it for grandma.” At the end of the game all my teammates just l me on my home run. I just felt so happy that I did it for

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