Carolina Courts-Personal Narrative

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When I first started Carolina Courts I had no idea what I was getting into. First the season started horrible then our final game we reach the championships. I had no idea how unpredictable this season was going to be. If I could do it again I wouldn't have changed a thing. I was so excited as I saw the door of Carolina Courts this was going to be a great season. I made the gold team and my friend was on the team with me nothing could be better than this. As I walked inside I met my friend at the door. We hugged each other and both proclaimed to each other how awesome it was that we were on the same team. I met my teammates with and we all exchanged hellos. We started doing a warmup and stretching everything was good until we started skills. First we did passing no one could really pass but then I thought well we could work on that. Then we set, hit, digged and last serving and I felt as if no one met my skill set. What I didn't realize at the time was how cocky I was and how much potential my team really had. After the first practice I told my mom I wanted to quit. I told her they were beginners and I need a more advanced team to show off my skills. My mother asked me if it was really was that bad and then I told her, “It was worse than that.” Then my mom kicked me of …show more content…

As I walked inside I met up with my teammates telling lies to each other on how we're going to win. The ref called us to our courts then blew the whistle it was on. One serve, two serve, three serve the game ended up being 25-15 wow that was terrible I thought hoping in the next three games the scores would be closer. The next game we played the best team and got our butts handed It was so bad. I can’t even remember the score but I don't recall us making over five points. The next team we played was the worst team and we only beat the by three point

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