The Black Wall Street Records Essays

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Waking Up In Soccer

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    While waking up on a bright saturday morning with my soccer game at 12:30, I didn 't think I would end up in the Emergency Room that night. It started out like any other saturday during soccer season, walking on the fresh cut, bright-green grass towards our side of the bench. My whole soccer team was getting prepared to beat the team we are versus, drinking our water and making each other angry to win. I was feeling anxious and nervous at the same time. We were all walking onto the field looking

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Special Olympics

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    My eyes stared at the top shelf of my bookcase. I counted eight trophies, three ribbons, and two game balls. The medal I was adding to the collection was the one I am the proudest of. I glanced down at the golf ball sized bronze medal and the little orange ribbon attached to it. It read "Special Olympics Soccer: 3rd place". I thought about the tournament I just arrived from. We lost all five games, we didn't score once, but more importantly, we didn't care. Smiling, I relived the time where I told

  • Personal Narrative: My Love Of Football

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    I couldn’t wait any longer, I kept counting down the hours in my head, I could barely sleep last night because I was so excited. Game time was seven p.m, although I got to the field a little after one p.m because I wanted to watch my friends play in their JV soccer game. Some of my teammates started showing up at the field a little before three o’clock. We practiced for about half an hour to warm-up a little and to go over some things that we would need to know for the game (no coaches, just the

  • Personal Narrative Essay

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    When I was in 4th grade, I had a big game. It was the soccer game. In one day we had about 20 games, and each game was 10 to 15 minutes. When the tournament ended, I cried. When I came home with my mom when the game ended, I was still crying. My dad asked me “ Why are you crying?” So I replied “ We lost.” Then my dad said “ It’s ok to lose.” After I heard what my dad said to me, I cried for 2 hours. The reason that I cried was we were really good through the 1st to the 19th game

  • National Honor Narrative

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    September 8th is the day that I will forever remember. Under the shining lights on the Ramapo turf, the Raiders were having their way with us like we didn’t even belong on the field with them. At halftime, it was 21-7 and I told myself that we were not starting the season off 0-1. On the field during a halftime that felt like an hour, the energy on our sideline was dead. Everyone moping around thinking that they were going to put up another 21 points just to run the clock so we could get out of there

  • Describe The Relationship Between Henry And Arsh

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    Once upon a time there was a small town called Green Hill. There were two best friends named Henry and Arsh. They both were practicing for their soccer game with their team. As the game was scheduled to take place next day. Their whole team had been practicing for a week. Henry and Arsh had practiced even more. Mr. Tiddle, their coach, was really happy and want other players to follow Henry and Arsh. He said that they were hard workers and have a positive attitude. Other players of the team needed

  • Personal Narrative: Running In A Cross Country

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    Have you ever ran in a cross country meet? I have ran in countless cross country meets; I have been running cross country for eight years now. Every race I run is a challenge, no matter what, because I push by body to its limit. Most people do not consider cross country to be fun. The enjoyable part is definitely not the race itself, but the feeling afterwards knowing that I kept pushing myself when my body and mind were both telling me to stop. Our cross country teams won our first meet of the season

  • Wests Tigers Case Summary

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    The Manly Sea Eagles notched back-to-back victories with a convincing 16- point victory against Wests Tigers at Campbelltown Stadium. Jayden Hodges and Michael Chee Kam were simply outstanding for Manly who now sit one win outside the top eight. Wests Tigers jumped out to an early 12-0 lead before suffering their fourth-straight loss. It was another promising start for the home side with Delouise Hoeker crossing for impressive back-to-back tries as Wests Tigers seized a 12-point advantage after

  • Narrative Essay On Sports Injury

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    My life has been dominated by serious injuries, taking me out of play for months at a time. Not one year ago I was stuck in a cast that covered my whole leg, causing me to miss out on all the fun of winter. Naturally, I became very upset when a minor injury made me miss out on my biggest sports opportunity of my life. I have had this injury multiple times in the past, and this game was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. I was playing a game with my select team, Panathinaikos FC, and we were

  • Personal Narrative: A Small Soccer Team In Peoria

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    The grass was green, the soccer nets were just put up, and white lines had just been freshly painted on the grass. Kids were busy playing soccer, but then everything stopped, the whistle was blown. A young girl was on the ground in pain with her team huddling around her, and a boy from the other team was next to her apologizing. As a matter of fact it reminded Abby of a scene that she had been in a few years back. As Abby sat on the bench nearby watching she was also remembering. She remembered the

  • Herb Brooks Miracle Speech Analysis

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    Every hockey player knows of the 1980 miracle on ice where the young American team took down the international powerhouse of the Soviet Union. Going into the game against the Soviets in the semifinals of the 1980 Olympic games, Herb Brooks gave one of the most inspirational speeches known to date. This exact scenario was portrayed in the Disney film, Miracle, released in 2004 directed by Gavin O’Conner. The scene starts with the young American squad sits quietly around the dressing room knowing they

  • Narrative Essay On Basketball Game Analysis

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    morning as I was heading into the Myrtle Beach Sports Complex. Game six of the 2015 NTBA National Championships was about to be underway. I was walking into the gym to meet with my teammates, so we could prepare for our upcoming semi-final battle. Our record was an impressive 4-1, only taking a tough loss in pre-bracket play earlier in the weekend. We put it behind us, bounced back, and we were now looking for redemption. We were gearing up to play the Lady Warriors, the defending national champions

  • Examples Of A Baseball Narrative

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    Baseball Narrative “Honey how are your ribs?” My mother asked me. “What happened?” My friend Ryan questioned me. I was watching the Marlins Baseball team play while I was sitting in a Hospital. “Do you really want to know? It is a long story,” I asked Ryan. “Carlos, I want to hear every bit of it,” Ryan told me. This is the story about me, Carlos, a 12 year old kid from Miami who broke his ribs. It was just yesterday, and my soccer team was playing the best team in the state. It was very

  • Personal Narrative: My Time As A Ball Player

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    With one minute left, my coach called a timeout. My team was down by one. Our shooting guard was tired. During the game, he ran slow, with sweat trickling down his face. “Rob, you 're in,” said my coach. With less than 1 minute left, my team passed the ball in. Time was ticking down as our point guard came down the court. Even though it was the month of December, the gym was hot, and there was beads of sweat coming down my face. I positioned myself in a spot to where i could shoot or drive if I

  • Personal Narrative: Becoming A Soccer Player

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    would rather focus on the team. This year I recorded a career high 5 goals, and was able to score 2 game winning goals. As I told grant that scoring doesn't mean a whole lot if the team ain't winning. As are record was not as strong as it should have been we still managed to finish with a record of (7-11-1). The most wins in program history since 2013. The game I will remember the most is our homecoming game. As we let in an early goal, but we managed to score a goal with ten minutes left to force

  • The Five People You Meet In Heaven Essay

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    Sitting in the spectator zone with my coach, we talked a lot about the match and the tremendous recovery from my injury. During the halftime break of the match, the team made their way briskly towards us. As I watched the six familiar figures, thoughts drifted back to what happened in the past month. I love netball–not just the game, but the passion that the game brings out of each and every netball player. Before the major tournament, my days had alternated between netball practices and school

  • Summary Of The Talent Code By Daniel Coyle

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    "You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic" (Robert A. Heinlein). With that, Daniel Coyle, attempted to convince readers using the rhetorical devices that talent comes with the work you put in. Personally I don’t think Daniel Coyle did a good job persuading readers to buy the Talent Code. He draws the readers in by using real life examples, repeats himself many times through out the book, and he didn't use just one topic of interest

  • High School Football Team Report

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    At the beginning of the season, the Bernice MacNaughton varsity boys soccer team nearly folded, but now, after the final game last weekend, the Highlanders are the AAA senior boys provincial champions and earned the school’s first Senior boys provincial banner. While working as a drivers-ed instructor, a student was talking about how his soccer team at MacNaughton did not have a coach to Blaine Dornan. “If you really need me, let me know” said Dornan to the student. Soon there after, he became MacNaughton’s

  • Appleton East Boys Research Paper

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    The 1996 Appleton East Boys Baseball Team’s Journey to State Catching the state title, Appleton East Boy’s Baseball team threw an incredible season. Appleton East boys baseball team claimed the title that every high school athlete dreams of. In June, 1996, The Appleton East boys baseball team was just beginning their offseason journey preparing for the Wisconsin State tournament. Managing to overcome any doubts, this team snatched up a state title. “We played the best of the best.” Stated former

  • Carolina Courts-Personal Narrative

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    When I first started Carolina Courts I had no idea what I was getting into. First the season started horrible then our final game we reach the championships. I had no idea how unpredictable this season was going to be. If I could do it again I wouldn't have changed a thing. I was so excited as I saw the door of Carolina Courts this was going to be a great season. I made the gold team and my friend was on the team with me nothing could be better than this. As I walked inside I met my friend at the