Lanier Vs Stone Short Story

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Lanier vs Stone It was only two days before the game. Everyone was nervous, yet fired up about the upcoming game. I was at school during practice, and all I can concentrate on is the game. I heard a lot of people were gonna be there. I was on fire at practice, I didn’t miss a single shot. It was Lanier, which was my middle school, verses stone
Finally, it was game day. I couldn't concentrate at school, all I was thinking about was the game. Everyone would come up to me and tell me that I was gonna crush them. Mr.Dejo, who was our coach, said that there was gonna be more than one hundred fifty people coming to the game. I have never performed in front of that many people before. I kept on saying that I was going to do great to myself. I still had a distressed feeling inside of me. …show more content…

Some people would talk trash to me just because they didn't make the team. I just ignored them, they were just jealous that I was a lot better than them. At lunch there was an enormous line for tickets, they were five dollars each. After lunch I got called to go to the office, I went and they gave me my game shirt. I was alarmed when I got number 10, Mr.Dejo said I deserved it. School finally ended. I decided to stay after school and wait two hours until the game. I practiced in the gym with Mr.Dejo and a few other people. I was shaky every time I would think about the game, but I just tried to forget about it. I was practicing really hard, I wasn't doing good but at the same time I wasn't doing bad. I was getting pretty tired, but I kept on practicing. Some people came, then sat down. It had been thirty minutes , Mr.Dejo told me to stop worrying about the game, and just rest.So I did, I stopped and just went and got a drink.After thirty more minutes, people started to come, in ten minutes there was about 50 people. I kept on shaking even

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