Narrative Essay On High School Baseball

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The New Commence

After completing a well-rounded career in baseball in my 8th-grade year at Loftis Middle School, I was ready for the next season or chapter of my career: High School Baseball. I had played my whole life and I knew what kind of commitment putting on that jersey was going to be, well, at least I thought I did. Experiencing being turned down by a team for the first time shaping a new identity for my perspective on sports itself. When I read “Ulysses”, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, I realized there is never a wrong time to try something new.

Growing up I was taught to be competitive in everything I did. Baseball was my spring sport and basketball was my winter sport to stay active for the next challenging season. I very much …show more content…

I had the privilege of being on many teams that went on and won my first tournaments, and seasons, and even got my first ring from winning a state championship. Having this kind of experience, I met my future middle school coach, Woody Bolus, while practicing at the fields a few weeks before I would start middle school. I remember like it was yesterday, he told me I was looking good and to come out to tryouts in the spring strong. That one sentence alone drove me to go out and practice every single day until I made the team. The day of tryouts came rapidly, and although determined and ready as I could ever be, I was anxious. Let’s just say, that was my first day of playing three years of baseball for Woody …show more content…

I knew mentally, physically, and emotionally my readiness was the highest it had ever been. Fast forward three hours later, my so what “readiness” had depleted. I left the field utterly distraught, my mind ran a million miles a minute thinking. My dad, what is he going to think, I failed him, I had failed myself, my “career”, it’s gone. From that day forth, I haven’t played another game of baseball for a team in my life. Alfred Lord Tennyson in “Ulysses” says, “Little remains: but every hour is saved.” It’s been three years since it happened, and all I’ve done is labor to keep people’s businesses alive. Life seemed to be missing the spark of sports that I chased in my younger

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