Baseball Personal Statement

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At the age of 5, I aspired to either become a professional athlete or an ESPN anchor. Ever since I could remember, I would kick a soccer ball around, dribble a basketball, or throw a baseball around with friends and family. I used to be the league champion and MVP of the team every season, but as time progressed, other competitors would rocket past in height and become the best players because of their size advantage. Although other young athletes became stronger and taller than me, it did not change the passion and commitment I had for sports. But my course in life has switched courses. Along the way, I dropped off the other sports and continued on with America’s Favorite Past time: Baseball. Since my size dictated my playing time, according to the coaches, it affected my devotion to the game because it is heartbreaking to be told you cannot do something. Over that period of time I realized how influential coaches are to their player, so I decided to become a coach to instill the never quit attitude in younger player’s minds. I have been coaching with Boca Raton Little League Baseball since my sophomore year, teaching the fundamental skills of baseball …show more content…

As a developing child, I assumed that adults and other leading figures analyzed my craft and after examining my talents told me the future ahead. I strive to channel the potential in each athlete because that could be lost talent if they are told the wrong information. For example, NFL quarterback and Ohio native Russell Wilson has been scrutinized his entire life about being too short to play that position. But that has not stopped him from pursuing greatness and on the verge of leading his Seattle Seahawks to a third straight Super Bowl appearance. If Wilson listened to draft analysts and scouts, he would not be in this position in his life. As time progressed, I realized that you write your own story. The individual creates his or her own

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