Narrative Essay On College Football

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Everything happens for a reason
Football in the United States and Canada is a game that is played on a field with two teams, and eleven players on each side. This game involves many things such as play on the offense and defense, with different ways to score or obtain points. The game of football is broken up into four fifteen-minute quarters with a twelve-minute halftime break at the end of the second quarter. This game consumes the United States and creates a culture of its own, with everyone that played the game at some point or another to dream of playing it professionally. There are different levels to football in the United States from high school, to college, and then the pros. College football draws as much attention as professional football, because there are …show more content…

At this point I believed my opportunity was about to present itself. With spring around the corner I thought that is when I decided to take center stage. From winter to spring I went out to the field to work on every technique required of a linebacker. My body would feel constant strain because of how hard I pushed myself. Day in and day out sweat would pour down my face the due to the sun’s beams blasting me with light. The grass would crunch underneath my feet with every step I took. By the time I completed my workout, I was gasping for air and had an unquenchable thirst.
I went threw this routine from morning to dusk, never changing my mind set. For two months I spent my days going to class, grinding on the field, and lifting in the weight room. After all the time I spent working to get better spring football finally arrived. I knew that no matter the cost I would not be denied my chance at becoming the number one linebacker. Then things took a turn for the worst. One week into practice my number was called. I felt overwhelmed with excitement. I knew my opportunity was not going to be wasted and that I would come out on

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