Persuasive Essay About College Football

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Everything happens for a reason
Football in the United States and Canada is a game that is played on a field with two teams, and eleven players on each side. This game involves many things such as play on the offense and defense, with different ways to score or obtain points. The game of football is broken up into four fifteen-minute quarters with a twelve-minute halftime break at the end of the second quarter. This game consumes the United States and creates a culture of its own, with everyone that played the game at some point or another to dream of playing it professionally. There are different levels to football in the United States from high school, to college, and then the pros. College football draws as much attention as professional football, because there are so many schools with teams and the plays that are made involve just as much excitement. In the United States college football reached the point of handing out scholarships to high school students that play the game well enough to compete at the highest level. Many high school students dream of receiving this opportunity and will play there absolute hardest to achieve this no matter the obstacle. I played this game for many years with the hopes of reaching the professional level. I do not only contain a passion for the game but, an actual love for it too. I played linebacker the middle of the defense. Playing this position requires me to stop any run or pass play. Linebackers usually requires the toughest and

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