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Some students tend to forget their teachers when they are done with school. Melissa Hoebee, a teacher who currently teaches in Southern Middle School, shares about her life in teaching and life experiences from her childhood to today. She chose to be a teacher because she wanted to help people learn in school. These life experiences and events before in her childhood helped her become the teacher she is today. Her greatest inspiration was her grandmother. She liked her grandmother because she believed she was strong, hardworking, and kind. An example was when she took care of Melissa Hoebee's grandfather when he was very sick so that he would not go to a nursing home. Unfortunately, Melissa Hoebee was sad when her greatest inspiration passed away at 2009 and wrote a speech about her to say for her funeral. Her speech was a way for her to say goodbye to her grandmother. This was proven when she said, ”A sad life experience that happened to me occurred in 2009 when my grandmother passed away. Because we were so close, her death was very …show more content…

Her favorite class was English because she liked creating writing assignments. She wanted to be a vet before, but this changed when she thought that she could not handle the responsibilities of being a vet in a animal shelter. Instead, she wanted to become a teacher so she went to Millersville University to get 2 degrees in college. She had reasons of why she chose Millersville university. According to Melissa Hoebee, she said, ”I chose Millersville University for several reasons. It had a strong education program, it was close to home, and my brother also went there (so I had the comfort of knowing people before I attended college there)”. She aimed for elementary degree and a special education degree. She was also into english and math at middle school level. At 2009, she became a teacher in Southern Middle School at

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