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Mr.Michigan Hero

7th grade was rough,1 friend, 1 supporter, and 22 bullies. Mr.Prokes is my Michigan Hero. He was always was there if you needed to retake or finish a quiz or test. Mr.Prokes loved it when you would want to retake a quiz or test, because it meant you cared. Mr.Prokes was always there if you needed talk to him, whether it was family related or about the bullying. He was a nature lover too, because he knows that once it 's gone it 's gone forever. Every time someone in the class got bullied he would lecture for about an hour and a half. Mr.Prokes HATED bullying. My teachers except for two didn 't understand. Mr.Prokes and Mr.Pargaen were the only two who understood. Like one time I was told to give up on my …show more content…

Mr.Prokes understood me. He knew what i wanted to do with my life, when I wanted to do it and how I was gonna do it. I never would 've thought that I would leave him the first year I met him. All though, he emailed my mother saying:

"Dear Jeri Johnson,
Your son this year had a rough year. Myself and Mr.Pargaen tried to make it better, but this class needs serious help. Justin has made me aware that he is going to Ludington Schools next year. Which is a big step up. I would know, I used to go to Traverse city catholic. Anyway, I want to inform you and Justin that if he ever needs help, email me and I will help him. He 's a good kid and make sure he stays that way." I haven 't talked to Mr.Prokes since last school year. It 's rough when you don 't have their email, Facebook, or number. It 's rough when you want to talk to someone you know and love and you can 't. It 's rough when your only friend is no where to be seen. It 's rough when your only friend was family. It 's ok now, I 'm out of the dark, I 've found that my friends were teachers, but I don 't have friends Ive got family, and that 's exactly what Mr.Prokes was to me, family. The reason he 's family to me is because he never gave up hope, and most important of all, he

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