Personal Narrative: My Diverse Field Experience

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For my Diverse Field Experience this semester, I spent fifteen hours at the Mclean County Juvenile Detention Center. This particular center was occupied by about 8-14 juveniles at a time, all depending on court dates and occupancy of other nearby detention centers. This center usually had 3 staff members working the shift every time I went, which was seven to nine on weekday afternoons. I was intrigued to go to at this time because I thought it would be the time of the day were the juveniles had no school work or other obligations to do while I was there. I wanted to see what they liked to do in the free time before bed, the only stipulation being mandatory snack time at eight pm. I have seen plenty of students in a classroom environment during my clinicals here at …show more content…

In high school, I had this role model, and he was my athletic director. The man would do anything for not just me, but the entire athletic department and all the moving parts. For example, at a tennis tournament on the weekend, I was a site by myself competing in that division held at that site. My tennis coach was at another high school with other teammates. He told me I would be the last one picked up for the night, and I already lost, so to hear that was incredibly disappointing. Our athletic director got wind and personally drove and picked me up and dropped me off at the site with the rest of my team. It was incredible to see someone go that far out of their way for some scrawny little sophomore who might have gotten moved up to varsity a little too soon. But, I wasn’t the only one would could tell a story similar to that one. That man instilled the passion inside me to try to be close to the man he

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