Kobe Bryant Role Model

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Many people have a person that they look up to and who encourages them. It 's someone who I think doesn 't give up and gets back up when they fall down, who has an impact to other people around them and they work for what they have earned. A person that is a role model to me is a man named Kobe Bryant. He is a basketball player that accomplished many things in his career. He was also born on August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Biography Today 44). He is someone who over time has shown persistence and courage throughout his career in basketball. Kobe Bryant was a role model and inspiring basketball player that had a great legacy in the NBA. Some people have a mindset that makes them say I was born to do this. Kobe had that …show more content…

There are a plethora of things inspired Kobe to have a long career in the NBA. One of the things that inspired him was how much he loved the sport. Kobe Bryant said, "It 's the enjoyment of the game and the love of it. Then it 's the low hanging fruit of responding to this challenge. I mean it 's right there, it 's very easy to get me going" ("Kobe Bryant Best Motivational Speech"). Another factor of what inspired him was his willingness to become the greatest which encouraged him to do better each time. "That 's how I would think everyone would go into it. You want to be the man, you know, not the best of the moment, but the best who ever set foot on a basketball court," said Kobe Bryant (Biography Today 54). Kobe brought out the best in people and he wanted to have a positive effect to the people around him and supported him in his life. His goal was to be one of the greatest, but he also wanted to influence people. One of the motivational things that he said was, " We realize the most important thing in life is how your career moves and touches those around you and how it carries forward to the next generation. You realize that 's what makes true greatness" ("Kobe Bryant Interview"). These are the things that kept him from giving up through the obstacles that

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