Lebron James In Schooled By Don Stradley

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In life,no matter what you go through its battles, fun, refuge, opportunities, passion, performance and teamwork. Schooled by Don Stradley a nonfiction genre book. Lebron James the main character who was born in December 1984 in a big house in Akron who has been in the family for generations. This book report will talk about Lebron James and his family struggles and how he pick himself back up and play basketball. Maybe everybody struggle and fail but you can always get back up and try again. No matter who you are and what obstacles you go through it’s no limit to anyone greatness and what they want to be in life.

Lebron James was a basketball superstar before he was old enough to drive so his journey to the NBA wasn’t easy. A handsome, very …show more content…

She and Lebron lived with Gloria mother, Freda James who worked as a hairstylist. Lebron father was never part of Lebron and the family life. Even while Lebron dad wasn’t in his life he felt secure with his mom and grandma. Sadly, their life turned around when Freda died of a heart attack on Christmas Day in 1987. Lebron wasn’t even 3 years old, Gloria was just 19, Freda was only 42. Gloria had to then step up and control everything and she wasn’t no where near prepared to take matter into her own hands. Gloria lost the house and struggled to find a new place. Lebron had an average of 4 different addresses every year. The apartments where they moved was rough. James stayed awake at night listening to police sirens, gunshots and killings. Lebron’s education suffered from the instability of their lives. In fourth grade he missed more than 80 days of school and friends began to worry about why him and his mom drifted from home to home. One of lebron friends Frank Walker had been his friend since he was his coach in Pee Wee football. After watching his star player struggles in fourth grade , Frank and his Wife, Pam, invited Lebron to live with them for awhile. They wanted to give him a stable home until Gloria was able to get back on her feet. Lebron did his homework, chores, made good grades and got more sleep. Lebron made it to the 7th grade and Pam helped Gloria find a stable 2 bedroom …show more content…

Keith Dambrot left to take a college coaching job. Dru Joyce II took over as a head coach. Lebron and his friends were having a hard time with the new player Romeo Travis who was amazing on the court but had a bad attitude. Travis had to leave his former high school and come to SVSM with his new teammates and classmates that he didn’t like. Lebron growing fame but added pressure on the time. Lebron fever was spreading fast. NBA stars showed up at games to check him out. People were lined up for autographs. Nike and adidas made no secret that they were hoping to sign him to multi-million dollar sneaker deal as soon as he turned pro. The team was still winning but Lebanon felt something wasn’t going right. They were always partying , cocky , talking back and playing sloppy defense. They lost two games before the season halfway marked. Lebron was getting distracted by every little thing. They even had magazines that lebron knew nothing about that encounter another distraction. The article compared to Magic Johnson and Michael Johnson. He didn’t realize people were trying to make money off him with his autographs. The season ended with a devastating loss in the state champ game. Despite the defeat lebron still seem to stand in spotlight. He negotiated a 90$ million contract with Nike that would go into effect when he go into pro. For his birthday his mother bought him a brand new hummer with a fairly loan but he never had time to get behind

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