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Who is Stephen Curry? He’s only the best basketball player in the NBA! (National Basketball Association) In this document you will learn about Stephen Curry’s family, his stats and even how good he is compared to Michael Jordan, who is the best NBA player ever to live right now. Currys personal life
Stephen Curry isn 't the only basketball player in his family Stephen curry has a big family, he is 1 of 3 kids he has 1 brother and 1 sister and they all do sports. Stephen Curry’s mom used to play volleyball in the 1980’s and Stephen Curry’s sister (Sydel Curry who went to Elon University) clearly takes after mom because she plays volleyball too. Curry’s brother takes after his parent too his dad was a basketball player and right
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Curry and Jordan are alike because they both are basketball players and they both have one at least one MVP award in the NBA they also both have a very high point average per game like as I mentioned earlier Currys is in the low thirties and so is Michael jordan thier assists are good too with curry is in only a 0.1 differential. They both have a nice amount of rebounds also only a 1.3 difference.
Curry’s point average is 1.2 higher than Michael Jordan 's with Currys at 31.6 (as I mentioned earlier) and Jordan 's is only 30.4 however Jordans rebounds are a little bit higher with his at 6.5 and Currys is only 5.2. Jordans and Curry’s assists are very close with only a 0.1 difference and with that Curry is ahead. They both play a different position too Curry plays point guard and Michael Jordan plays shooting guard. My last reason on how they’re different is that they both played at different times like Stephen Curry plays right now and Michael Jordan finished playing in
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