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Michael Jordan Research Paper “Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, and others make it happen.” This quote means that if you want something to happen you have to go out and actually do it instead of saying you 're going to do something. Michael Jordan is a kid of five. He grew up with two sisters and two brothers. Michael Jordan is a very competitive guy. No matter what he is doing at every moment he spends doing something he does it with a passion and competes no matter what. Michael Jordan was also a very nice person he was passionate, and would always bring you up if you 're feeling down or low. American novelist and basketball player Michael Jordan used his life to write and discuss drive, ideas on being a better person, and being an individual within his novel “Driven from within”. Michael Jordan was a kid that struggled and overcame the life that he had and grinded at basketball and became an NBA player. Michael Jordan grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina but was born in Brooklyn New York City on February 17, 1963. Michael Jordan 's parents were James and Dolores Jordan. He had 5 kids Marcus, Jeffrey, Isabelle, Jasmine, and Victoria Jordan. Michael Jordan had a social movement on police brutality and what he did was donated $1000000 to International Association of chiefs of Police institute for Community Police relations. Michael Jordan went to college and got his bachelor 's degree in geography at the University of North Carolina

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