Compare And Contrast Essay On Lebron James

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Who is better Lebron James or Michael Jordan? Lebron James and Michael Jordan are the greatest legends of their times because they have the most stats, the most rings, and the most money. They have both made the most impact for their respective teams, they have also made rookie of the year their first years. They are the most popular players of their time, maybe the most popular in history. They are the biggest inspiration to young ballers around the world. When Lebron James went to Miami it is was incredible, when Michael Jordan was on the Bulls they were unstoppable, there always been a comparison between the two. There some people who think LeBron James is the greatest, there are some that think Michael Jordan is the greatest. This debate …show more content…

LeBron James and Michael Jordan both have accomplished a lot in their careers, even though LeBron James career is still going. Miami Heats and Chicago Bulls have had many MVP players, these two players contribute the most to their team's success is LeBron with the Miami Heats and Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls. Even after Michael Jordan left his team they were still successful, as for LeBron leaving Cleveland well things were not looking good for the Cavs. The Cavs went on to have one of their worst seasons yet. Michael Jordan may have retired, but he still a 5 time MVP trophy winner, he also been in 6 championship games. Michael Jordan has retired, then made his return to the NBA. During Jordan time in the NBA, there were many great players like Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant but out of these great players, Michael Jordan rose to the top. Michael Jordan has had his downfalls like losing some of the championships. LeBron was leading the Cavs in his 2003-2010 season, but never got them a championship, LeBron was very close though. Every time Lebron wins a championship ring, he is compared to Jordan more. Michael Jordan has 6 rings while LeBron has 3 rings. This still doesn't change the fact that Michael Jordan and LeBron James won 2 Olympic gold medals. LeBron has much competition with all the new all these new talents with so much potential. Even though Lebron and Jordan are compared a lot, many people still think Jordan would beat LeBron head to

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